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Sounds, canto i



release: Oct 2021
runtime: 29min 18sec
label: digient collective on the following format(s):

︎ digital & streaming
︎ limited edition cassette tape

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Thematically about relinquishing control in a cosmos where chaos reigns supreme.

track 1: Acquiesce leads off with Also Surreal, a raw and aggressive industrial EBM / techno track. Seething and looming synths persist and push while unnerving percussive textures slowly and gently creep in to fill the void. Something is very wrong and yet somehow familiar as the pace quickens and punches forward, meeting the urgency of the moment.

track 2: Lunar FOB imagines a near future in which Earth's moon is being colonized by various nations, all competing for airspace and control of the surface and strategic locations. Lunar FOB pulses with rich and energetic synth bass behind anxious piano chords that establish and suspend the tension. The frantic drums push the energy further until a distorted crescendo takes the tension to its spastic breaking point. Something has been hibernating on the moon, and now it's awake.

track 3: Draw Me a Cat is a lament for a lost friend, for lost childhood friendships and for their fading memories. Both haunting and tribal, as if undergoing an ancient ritual, Draw Me a Cat is underpinned by a persistent and languid tension, like a hangover on a hot summer day. An omnipresent threat is lurking just beneath the surface. It's always been there. It's playful at first, but something more sinister is at work. Mournful weeping and wailing yield to acceptance, tenderness, and ultimately love.

track 4: Flutter is a richly textured, contemplative track with undulating synth bass beneath syncopated beats and percussion. The textures ebb and flow, rising and sinking like the tide, creating space and taking it away. Flutter never relents, it only persists, gently if it must, patiently making changes to itself as it swims upstream, adapting and becoming whatever it must become to survive the impending change.

track 5: Acquiesce is concluded with Turtle Hill, a sentimental and nostalgic homage to a particular space and time of transformational physical and spiritual healing, and rebirth. Turtle Hill quickly establishes an otherworldly atmosphere, uneasy and untethered. There is an unseen beauty here. The veil is pierced, exposing a vast scarred landscape with no signs of life. Further surveying reveals prior battlefields now reclaimed by the natural world, healing itself, and sprouting new life. The past insists on casting its shadow, manifesting a newer and truer beauty than previously known.

bonus track: Sequin Select (only available with cassette release)

CreditsAll songs recorded, produced and mixed by San Ré in Amsterdam.
Mastered in London by Jon Astley.
All artwork by San Ré.


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