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Sounds, canto ii

Charm Offensive (LP)

Releasing late 2024

Belly Butter (Single)

Belly Butter is the first single from San Ré’s forthcoming album, Charm Offensive. Belly Butter includes an original mix, a guest remix, and a dub mix.

Following the 2023 release of Qualia Tableau, described by Electronic Sound magazine as “distinctly cinematic and wide-ranging,” Charm Offensive promises another captivating and emotive experience. Scheduled for release in late 2024, Charm Offensive will be preceded by two singles: Belly Butter and Bathtub Gin, each featuring a guest remix and a dub mix.

Releases July 2024.

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Qualia Tableau (LP)

Described by Electronic Sound magazine as “distinctly cinematic and wide-ranging,” Qualia Tableau is a full-length LP from San Ré, released as a limited edition double-disc vinyl LP, limited edition cassette tape, and in digital and streaming formats.

Released July 2023.

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Take Out The Light (EP)

 The second EP from San Ré, Take Out the Light spans five original and, at times, experimental songs, and remix from collaborator Ben Hirst.

Released January 2023.

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Sounds, canto i

Acquiesce (EP)

Thematically about relinquishing control in a cosmos where chaos reigns supreme. 

Released October 2021.

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Sequin Select (Single)

Composed during, and heavily influenced by, the 2020 US Presidential election, Sequin Select soaks in the tension of the moment, and foregoes release entirely. There is disorder and unpredictability, imbalance and discomfort.

Released July 2021.

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Sounds, film

His Name Is My Name (Original Soundtrack)

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Creative Technology at the 2022 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, His Name Is My Name is an Instagram-based animated documentary series from JONGSMA + O’NEILL that explores how the crimes of WWII-era perpetrators still reverberate through today’s society, shaking the foundations of our homes and our families. Part detective thriller and part personal visual essay, His Name Is My Name tracks Eline Jongsma’s investigation into her family’s history, and shines a light into a still-dark corner of Europe’s past.

Released July 2022.

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