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Sounds, canto ii

Qualia Tableau


release: July 7 2023
runtime: 46min 51sec
label: digient collective on the following format(s):

︎ limited edition double-disc LP
︎ limited edition cassette tape
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“Distinctly cinematic and wide-ranging”

- Electronic Sound (Issue 104)

Time is the measurement of change, and where there is no change there is no time, it ceases to exist.

Full length video for The Fix


/ All songs written and produced in Amsterdam by San Ré.
/ Mixed in Crich England by Ben Hirst at Soundgas Studio.
/ Mastered in London by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.
/ Light is a Train lyrics and vocals by Taco Stuiver.
/ No Ditto and The Fix lyrics and vocals by San Ré.
/ The Fix (Jimbo Techno Jazz Remix) produced by Ben Hirst at Soundgas Studio, composed by San Ré, Ben Hirst, James Walker, Tom Hendrick.
/ Artwork by Geraldine MacDonald.

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