San Ré is an Amsterdam-based electronic musician, producer and composer and a founding member of Digient Collective, an “experimental micro-label & creative sanctum.” His music spans experimental, ambient and downtempo to EBM, techno and electronica, and relies heavily on his own analog, saturated and dub-inspired production techniques. Credits include original film scores for award winning and critically acclaimed independent documentary films. Residing in Amsterdam since 2020, he is originally from the east coast of the US, with his roots in NYC and Boston. Full bio here...

Qualia Tableau, the first full-length LP from San Ré, releases in early 2023.


Sounds, canto ii

Qualia Tableau

Early 2023

Double-disc LP

Time is the measurement of change, and where there is no change there is no time, it ceases to exist.

LP running time: 46m 51s

Formats: limited edition double album vinyl, limited edition cassette tape via digient collective.

Releases early 2023.
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Sounds, canto ii

Take out the light

20 January 2023

The second EP from San Ré.

released: 20 January 2023
formats: digital, streaming,
running time: 29m 17s

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original soundtrack

8 July 2022

Original soundtrack

Trailer: His Name Is My Name from JONGSMA + O'NEILL on Vimeo.

An Instagram-based documentary about family secrets and the legacy of WWII by JONGSMA + O’NEILL. Watch the film and learn more on Instagram at @hisnamemyname.

released: 8 July 2022
formats: streaming, digital download

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Sounds, canto i

1 October 2021

Thematically about relinquishing control in an absurd cosmos where chaos reigns supreme.

released: 1 October 2021
formats: digital, streaming, cassette tape
running time: 29m 18s

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Sounds, canto i

9 July 2021

Composed during, and heavily influenced by, the 2020 US Presidential election, and subsequent events, Sequin Select soaks in the tension of the moment, and foregoes release entirely. There is disorder and unpredictability, imbalance and discomfort.

formats: streaming, digital
running time: 5m 18s

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