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Latest Works from San Ré

Sounds, canto ii
July 2024
Single ︎ ︎
Belly Butter is the first single from San Ré’s upcoming album, Charm Offensive. Belly Butter was released July 12 in digital and streaming formats, as well as a limited edition vinyl, and includes the original mix, a guest remix, and a dub mix by San Ré and Ben Hirst.

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Sounds, canto ii

Qualia Tableau

July 2023
LP ︎ ︎ ︎

Distinctly cinematic, wide-ranging
- Electronic Sound

Time is the measurement of change, and where there is no change there is no time, it ceases to exist.

Qualia Tableau released July 7, 2023 on the following formats:

︎ limited edition double-disc LP
︎ limited edition cassette tape
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Sounds, canto ii

Take Out The Light

January 2023
EP ︎

The second EP from San Ré.

Released Jan 20, 2023 on the following formats:

︎ digital & streaming

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His Name Is My Name

July 2022
original soundtrack ︎

Original soundtrack

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Creative Technology at the 2022 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, His Name Is My Name is an Instagram-based documentary about family secrets and the legacy of WWII by JONGSMA + O’NEILL. Watch the film and learn more on Instagram at @hisnamemyname.

Released July 8, 2022 on the following formats:

︎ digital & streaming

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